Pharmacist Services

Not all pharmacies are the same. At Community Care Chemist, we take pride in providing our local community with both traditional western medicine and natural, therapy solutions. Our pharmacists are on-hand to greet you on arrival and provide you with advice and recommendations.

Our in-store pharmaceutical services include:

  • Home Medication Reviews (HMR) – this program aims to enhance the quality use of your medicine and reduce adverse effects. This is undertaken through a comprehensive medication review, conducted by an accredited pharmacist in your home. HMR is only available following a referral from your GP.
  • FREE MedsChecks –  we know that managing more than one type of medication and treatment can be challenging. That’s why our in-store pharmacists and naturopaths work collaboratively to provide you with advice on prescription and non-prescription medication, their safety when taken together, and how they work best for your health.
  • Dose administration aids – theses assist in the safe and effective administration of your medication and improve adherence through the packaging of medications. According to time, medicine is taken by day and usually over a weekly period. We supply a vacuum sealed, disposable plastic pouch containing a single dose of tablets. Each dose is provided on a perforated strip. This enables you or your carer to pack single doses for outgoings or travel.
  • Staged supply – the process by which our pharmacists supply medicine to you, in periodic instalments of less than the total required, or prescribed quantity at agreed intervals.
  • Pharmacotherapy – opiate substitution program, including methadone and buprenorphine.
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Medication counselling
  • Health counselling
  • Natural medicine counselling

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