Allergies & Anaphylaxis

Allergies are a prevalent concern in our community, affecting around one in three people. Food allergies occur in around ten percent of children and two percent of adults and Australia has one of the highest incidences of food allergies in the world. For many of us, allergies bring on sneezing, itchy eyes, a runny nose, congestion and hay fever; all symptoms we want to avoid.

Community Care Chemist can assist with acute allergies and chronic seasonal allergies, with both traditional and natural medicines. Our friendly staff are always on-hand to provide you with remedies.


Each one of our pharmacies stock EpiPens. Our pharmacists are available to provide you (or your organisation) with information on how to correctly administer this life saving tool. We can also enrol you in epiapp – an online educational resource supporting people living with allergies and anaphylaxis.

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