Naturopathy…nature’s gift to whole healthe

Naturopathy…nature’s gift to whole healthe

Most of us strive for optimal health and to have greater control of our wellbeing.  This usually means accessing the wide range of health services and products available at our fingertips.

There is no doubt that traditional prescription medicines will always hold a fundamental place in our health regime.  But more and more Australians are searching for a more balanced approach to their health and that is where naturopathy steps in.

For some, naturopathy is viewed as the latest health fad.  In reality, naturopathy has a vast and extensive history.

In 400 B.C, Greek physician, Hippocrates first formulated the concept of “the healing power of nature” and remains one of the central ideologies of naturopathic medicine today.  Hippocrates was certainly on to something!

Supporting the whole health approach should be king.  Through natural therapy and treatments which are safe and non-invasive, naturopathy taps into the body’s self-healing abilities.  The ingenuity of naturopathy is that it can be an effective health option to improve overall wellbeing or it can work in unison with prescription medicine.

If you decide to go to a naturopath, they can give you advice and treatments for a suite of conditions including allergies, recurrent immune conditions, digestive disorders, depression and emotional disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia syndrome,  menstrual and menopausal conditions.

You may think that combining both prescription and natural medicine may be a daunting and complex option, but with the right advice from experts – namely pharmacists and naturopaths; a successful WHOLE health strategy is possible.

The key is to do your research.  Find a pharmacy where pharmacists work closely with a naturopath to be able to safely and effectively integrate prescription and natural medicine for optimum patient outcomes.

Be ready to ask lots of questions as pharmacists are there to help you uncover all your medication choices – both traditional and natural.

Community Care Chemist values the multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. With pharmacists and a naturopath working together, patients will have the confidence and reassurance that all health options are presented and covered.